IWIM 2020 Honoree: Emily Martin, Endress + Hauser

Emily Martin has the perfect recipe for being an IWIM, being described as having drive, intelligence, initiative, and influence.

IWIM 2020 Honoree: Emily Martin, Endress + Hauser

Drive. Intelligence. Initiative. Influence. These were just some of the words Emily Martin’s nominator used to describe her when submitting the Endress & Hauser Industrial Engineering Manager for the 2020 Influential Women in Manufacturing awards.

With the company since 2012, Emily and her team are primary contributors to the company’s current performance and efforts to continuously improve. One of the way’s she’s done this is by adding talented women engineers to her Industrial Engineering team.

To help each of her teammates grow, she encourages them to lead difficult projects. She is also intentional about collecting and providing feedback, an important ingredient to helping her team improve their performance. Under her guidance, her team has secured a state grant to provide Advanced Manufacturing training, in which more than 70 employees have received more than 2,400 total hours of training.

Emily also engaged with her alma mater, Kettering University, to develop a co-op program where engineering students can work with her teams, resulting in value for both the students and for the company.

Emily is also a champion for women working in manufacturing careers. She’s a member of the Women in Manufacturing (WIM) organization and was on the 2018 host committee for its national convention. She also participates in the Women’s Integrated Network, which is a global network within Endress & Hauser whose objective is to ‘activate the potential of professional women within our industry and the company.’

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