IWIM 2020 Honoree: Helen Kane, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Effecting change through learning, listening, and problem-solving

IWIM 2020 Honoree: Helen Kane, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Helen Kane, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Described by colleagues as a “sponge,” Helen Kane of Advanced Energy Industries, is constantly learning, not just technically, but analyzing all aspects of every project and process. With more than 20 years of industry experience working across multiple industries, Helen prides herself on being very approachable and a good listener.

According to peers, Helen surrounds herself with smart people who can use their unique skills to drive projects forward and get the best possible result.

“What is so unique and valuable about Helen’s ideas and input, is her ability to identify and present new perspectives for the team to consider, like no one else I’ve ever witnessed, which often change the direction of conversation and problem solving,” offered one colleague.

“Helen is bold in questioning the status quo, challenging others to think ‘outside the box,’ and supports ideas from the entire team,” said another colleague. “She’s focused on the project-at-hand and is quick to cut through distractions and move the project along. She’s supportive of her team members continuing education in order to benefit the entire team.”

She’s also played a key role in the development of Advanced Energy’s Women Leadership Council, which was created as a support group for female employees. According to her nominator, with Helen’s leadership, the group has expanded to be a much bigger part of the company’s diverse culture and now serves as an instrument to provide extended education for female employees to help with their professional development and their promotion into leadership roles.

She has also served as a personal mentor for several girls enrolled in STEM programs in her local community. As a mentor, Helen helps to create interest in engineering and science among girls in her community, and she finds ways to nurture their interest and motivate them to pursue STEM careers.

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