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Advice for women in manufacturing

In a recent article for, author Ginger Butz, Business Segment Director at Morey, offers advice to women on how to fast-track a career in manufacturing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in manufacturing, it’s that credibility carries plenty of weight. Wondering how to earn the trust of your male counterparts? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig into every last task — regardless of how small it may be.

Before settling upon a decision, I always do my best to understand the challenges and opportunities involved. After all, if I’m not familiar with what goes into a specific process, it’s difficult to determine how I can improve it. And as I become more knowledgeable about an issue, chances are my follow-up questions will become more relevant and help move the team closer to the right solution.

Instead of struggling to gather all the facts and ultimately making an uninformed decision, lean on the expertise of those around you. Being open and honest about where you may need a little extra information can help you avoid a misstep down the line.

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