About Us

Meet the IWIM Co-Founders

Alexis Gajewski

Job: Digital Editor, Plant Services
Tenure at Putman Media: 10 years
Claim to fame: Author of "Plant Nexus," Plant Services' most popular blog
Pet: Walter, the beagle
Weekend hobby:
DIY projects
Favorite power tool:
Ridgid table saw
Worst DIY injury: Dislocated shoulder

Collection: Records (700 and counting)
Album you're listening to right now:
For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver
Favorite earworm: "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder
Greatest fear: Robot apocalypse or zombie apocalypse
Favorite quote: "Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy."
Greatest achievement:
Owning, maintaining, and improving my house

Erin Hallstrom

Job: Director of Digital Strategy, FoodProcessing.com
Tenure at Putman Media: 11 years
Claim to fame: SEO and Analytics Subject Matter Expert at Putman Media
Birth Order: Oldest of three; siblings are twins and 18 years my junior
Extracurricular hobbies: Toastmasters, martial arts, dancing
Worst martial arts injury: Either a concussion or three bruised ribs - both from sparring matches

Favorite sport to watch: Hockey
Personal heroes: My Mom, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Greatest achievement (so far): Reaching my second degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate
Favorite quote: "Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway." - Eleanor Roosevelt
Ideal walk-up song: The Bullpen
Favorite candy: KitKat candy bars

Christine LaFave Grace

Job: Managing Editor, Plant Services
Started at Putman Media: January 2015
What does a managing editor do? I edit (for print and online). I write (for print and online). I wrangle (whatever needs wrangling).
Fictional character role model: C.J. Cregg, "The West Wing"
If you know one thing about me, you know that I: run. Currently, I’m at 10 marathons. Chicago 2006 was my first. Boston (2008, 2015) is my favorite. 
Few people know I:
actually attended a press conference in the West Wing, when I interned in D.C. in college
Favorite headline I've written:
"Praise Cheeses!" Close second: "Nobody likes an ore loser"

Favorite underrated movies: "The Birdcage," "Primary Colors"
Favorite concert: Foo Fighters, Wrigley Field, July 30, 2018
I like my coffee: strong and without embellishment, like I like my sentences
Having a toddler has taught me: to embrace listening to "Be Our Guest" 20+ times a day as a gift, because singing along in a French accent with your 2-year-old son is a wonderful singular experience
I like to volunteer at/want to plug:
Feed My Starving Children
I believe: If you would demand it of others, demand it of yourself first. You never go wrong by taking the high road.

Amanda Del Buono

Job: Digital Engagement Manager, ControlGlobal.com
Started at Putman Media: March 2018
Claim to fame: Developed and launched Putman Media podcasts: Control Amplified & Manufacturing Tomorrow's Workforce
Favorite podcast at the moment: Ridiculous History
Pets: Sonny and Cher Del Buono the cats
Favorite book: "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite food: All of them
Favorite movie:
"Almost Famous"
Best role: Being an aunt
I could live without: Sports and television
People who inspire me: My parents
Graduated from: 
University of Columbia-Missouri (MIZZOU) with a BA in journalism, emphasis on magazine writing
Words I live by: Do your best, that's all you can do.