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Meet April Butterfield, VP of Technology for the Engineered Solutions Group at Jabil

In a recent article for Design World, author Paul Heney profiles April Butterfield, VP of Technology for the Engineered Solutions Group at Jabil.

Ever since high school, April Butterfield knew she wanted to be an engineer. Math and science had always been appealing to her, because both explain how things work — while also providing problems or challenges that can be worked through and solved. Butterfield, who describes herself as naturally curious, said that coupling her curiosity with the potential to create solutions was appealing.

Her father was an engineer who worked on the Apollo space programs. Although she was young at the time, she said that even as a child, the wonder of people applying what they know to do something that had never been done was very impactful.

“As I grew, I had numerous teachers in both math and science who had a lot of influence in my leaning toward the sciences, as opposed to liberal arts,” she said. “Engineering has been a very satisfying field for me. My family would say they knew from an earlier age, as I was always asking questions and taking things apart, but for me this path became clear as a teenager.”

Butterfield, who holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is now the VP Technology for the Engineered Solutions Group at Jabil, one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers. There, she is responsible for a global group of engineers who support multiple markets — including automotive, smart home and appliances, print and retail, energy and industrial and commercial buildings.

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