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Meet Lorraine Wagner, VP of manufacturing operations for Stihl

In a recent article for The Virginian-Pilot, author Kimberly Pierceall profiles Lorraine Wagner, vice president of operations at Stihl Inc.

There are more women than ever running companies, running for office, running circles around stereotypes but there are still so few relative to men that it remains news.

That’s why Lorraine Wagner is sitting at the end of a long boardroom table inside Stihl answering questions about how to encourage more women to join the ranks within manufacturing. And why, even now, people are still interested in knowing more about women who have climbed higher in fields typically dominated by men.

“It shows that we, not necessarily as a country, I think globally, do have, still, a long way to go,” she said.

At the same time, women are seeing it can be done, evidenced by an uptick in the number of women earning degrees in disciplines they may not have normally pursued before, she said.

To learn more, read “As Stihl VP of manufacturing operations, Lorraine Wagner tells girls to ‘go for it'” by Kimberly Pierceall for The Virginian-Pilot.