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Meet Sonam Motwani, founder and CEO of

In a recent article for e27, author Sainul Abudheen profiles Sonam Motwani, founder and CEO of

“As a child, [Sonam Motwani] dreamt to become an astronaut. As she grew up, the intensity of her ambition also grew. So after finished schooling, she went on to attend a graduation programme in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Bombay, one of the prestigious higher education institutes in India.

However, this programme changed her mind — and perhaps her life itself.

‘During the graduation programme, I made electric race cars for Formula Student UK,’ Sonam Motwani narrates her story to e27. ‘This was my first encounter with designing and building a serious hardware product ground up. The experience of building four life-size vehicles with a team of 20 sowed the seeds of passion for hardware inside me.’

Soon after completing graduation in 2013, Motwani joined the Formula Student team of her alma mater as Project Manager. A few months later, she quit the job to join the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble in its technology division and developed solutions to speed up packing lines for haircare products, before moving to manufacturing sanitary napkins.”

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