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New study suggests only 40% of companies have action plans to advance women to leadership roles

In a recent article for Bloomberg, author Jordyn Holman explores why 60% of U.S. firms don’t have strategies for female leadership.

Only 40 percent of U.S. companies have action plans to advance women to senior leadership roles, according to new research in which 400 top HR officers in the U.S. and Canada were surveyed. The percentage is even lower in Canada, at 36 percent. And in both cases less than half — 41 percent in the U.S., 44 percent in Canada — have strategies for hiring more women at the entry level to fill leadership positions down the line.

The study, “Advancing Women as Leaders in the Private Sector,” was released on Monday by the Canada-U.S. Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

It’s hard to address personnel trends that don’t get tracked in the first place. Less than half of top HR officers said their companies had accurate data on a variety of measures that contribute to women’s professional success, the study found. That included data on the recruitment of women, retention of women after maternity leave, and attrition rates. Just over one-third of American companies have accurate data on pay by gender.

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