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Overcoming biases in the engineering workplace

In a recent article for Control, author Greg McMillan interviews Diane Doise, Outreach Chair for the Society of Woman Engineers, Baton Rouge.

Over my 50-year career in the automation profession, the best performers in terms of communication skill complementing technical capability were mainly women. However, many of them moved on to other professions where they felt more at home, and their verbal aptitude more valued.

We are fortunate that the ISA mentor program has Leah Ruder and Angela Valdes as resources, and several protégées (e.g., Caroline Cisneros, Danaca Jordan, Christine Joy Panganiban, Ashley Weckwerth and Marsha Wisely) with whom I have done Control Talk Columns or ISA Mentor Program Q&A Posts. Danaca Jordan, our first protégée, has also participated in the feature articles “Process Generations Talk to Each Other” and “Enabling New Automation Engineers,” and has done an ISA Mentor Program Webinar, “Basics of Vacuum Control.”

As I was standing in the Mimic simulation software booth at a User’s Group exhibition hall, Diane Doise, a very experienced automation engineer at a major plant, stopped by and started an interesting and humorous dialog. Diane is the Outreach Chair for the Society of Woman Engineers, Baton Rouge. I thought she would be a great person to feature in a Control Talk column. This first column focuses on neglecting the opportunity to benefit from the contributions of more women in the workplace. Future columns with Diane will focus on technical problems and solutions.

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