First Person

Every great thing starts from an idea...

In the Beginning…

Today I received an email that reminded me how far the Influential Women in Manufacturing program has come in such a short time.

The Genesis

The idea for Influential Women in Manufacturing came from a project I had worked on with Food Processing several years ago. The program highlighted women in the food and beverage industry and asked them to impart a few bits of wisdom to their peers. It was inspiring. It was informative. It was.... influential.

I loved working on this project. I'm one of those people who appreciates a healthy dose of story telling done through sound bites and infographics and the program served that purpose for me.

After that program had been put to bed and entered its long, restful slumber, I continued to receive numerous follow-up e-mails to see if we'd be doing it again. I knew it would be hard to mess with the previous success and, frankly, our parent company has a number of brands that have plenty of women worthy of a similar recognition. It didn't seem fair to keep this limited to Food Processing.

The Creation

One of my co-workers had seen what I'd worked on with Food Processing and wanted to see if it was replicable for other brands. Because the best work is done in threes, we also tapped one of the smartest manufacturing editors we know at Putman for her insights and input. Why not honor women from all segments of manufacturing?

We had the makings of a good idea: We had a captive audience, we had analytics, and we had energy.

The Emails

After trading a few e-mails and conference room visits, we came up with what would become Influential Women in Manufacturing. In 6 weeks, we managed to create the program, launch it, gather nominations, and market and promote our idea. The nominations turned into honors, that turned into meals, that turned into awards, that has now turned into the website you're reading right now.

We're entering our second year of Influential Women in Manufacturing and have just introduced our calls for nominations for 2019.

I received an email from a reader this week asking if we were running our Influential Women in Manufacturing program again. When I looked at the date stamp of the conversations I'd had with her in the past, I could see it was almost a year ago that the conversations about this very program started. Similar to how a parent looks at their child and sees the culmination of the growth spurts, I looked back at the last year and saw how far we've come -- Alexis, Christine, and I.

I'm excited -- we're all excited -- to introduce you to our website and to this blog, where we'll offer insights and information on what's going on with women in the workplace.

We hope you enjoy what we have to say.

Thanks for reading